Carmen Fyfe Art Works


Terms and Arch of Notre Dame du Grace, Cotignac

43X40cm in antique gilt frame: 950€

Available works have prices listed, others have been sold but may be available to buy as mounted prints.  To commission a work: landscape, still life, allegory or portrait please email


Cream Roses 2: 42X37cm in lovely Arts and Crafts dark oak frame: 850€

Cigale and Roman Pin: 37X28cm framed: 500€

Anemones and Axe: 53X42cm framed 1100€


View of le rocher, Cotignac from the theatre:42X53cm framed: 1200€


Papillon et la Roue - allegory 2 - oil on canvas 70X80cm framed 1700€

Pansies - after Stuart Park: 28X28cm framed 400€                       


Pink Rose - allegory 3: 64X54cm insert wooden frame: 1200€


View of Cotignac from the terrace at le Rocher

Montagne de la Loube: oil on linen board 30X40 cm

Ecossaise en Provence 3: oil on board, 32X46cm

ecossaise en Prov 2 web.jpg

Devon Landscape: 30X30cm oil on linen board


Cinquante et Un, Apres Midi - à la louange de amour: 40X30cm oil on canvas. 

Pink Sarong - allegory: 30X40cm oil on canvas, framed in a shabby antique gilt frame 1400€

Cabanon Sara: Oil on canvas


  Rue Arnaud de Cotignac:

oil on linen board 20X30cm